FPGA Design

Altera, Xillinx, Virtex7, Stratix V, Zynq, AlteraSoC

Intellectual Property

Beam Forming, Image Fusion and Mosaicing, PD Detection,
Video Compression, H.264, Remote FPGA Configuration

RF System

Boards and Systems TRM Modules, PLL Based Designs, Wideband Tx/Rx Tuners

High Speed PCB

SI, PI, PDS, PDN, Thermal Analysis, EMI/EMC Analysis


High Speed Interface: Seial IO,
Rocket IO, PCIe with DMA Engine,
Giga ADC/DAC, DDR3, Ethernet, ZBT SRAM


Ruggedized System Analysis: Shock, Vibration, Acceleration, Thermal, CFD, EMI/EMC


Hetrogeneous, Computing Platform, RF, IP, SWaP-C Efficient Packaging

Embedded SBC

Freescale, TI, AD, i.MX, QorIQ, OMAP DaVinci, TigerSHARC Blackfin, Linux, Android BSP

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