Bit Mapper

We Design to Innovate

Bit Mapper specializes in Designing and Manufacturing of customized Electronics and Embedded Systems catering to various Industrial Sectors.

Embedded Technology



We Innovate, Design, and Apply Embedded Technologies to create Intelligent and Robust Suite of Products

Bit Mapper Integration Technologies is a high-reliability design house specialized in developing customized solutions for industrial use. We leverage our expertise across industries to develop critical and safe products. Our custom-made products are Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, RF, and Power ICs. They can be integrated into systems as well as standalone modules.

Robust and Rugged Industrial Grade Smart USB Hub

Comprehensive Solutions for all the Embedded & FPGA Designs

Our Embedded and FPGA systems designs are engineered and developed through our expertise in microprocessors to operating systems and delivering next-gen Embedded engineering solutions.

Designed to withstand Shocks, Vibrations, Thermal, CFD, EMI/EMC

Altera, Xilinx, Actel, and Lattice

Linux, VxWorks, WinCE, BSP, Firmware and Driver development, SOC ARM & DSP processors.

18+ Layers, 3000+ components, Rigid Flex, Custom Backplanes, Signal and Power Integrity, Thermal, EMI/EMC Analysis


Baseband to RF, Transmitters, Receivers, Detectors, Mixers, Filters, Amplifiers, Up & Down Converters, T/R Modules

Serial Giga speed IOs, PCIe, RF ADC/DAC, DDR3, DDR4, 1G/10G Ethernet, ZBT SRAM.


Software-defined Ratio (App Dev), Video, Image Processing, RADAR, SONAR

Integration of 3rd party solutions, Cabling, Testing, Designing Test Jigs

Why Bit Mapper


An industry leader in Education and Research, the Defense and Space Industry with over 25 years of experience.


Focus on Quality, Cost, and Speed; we believe in defect-free Products, Services, and Processes.


Innovative, Out of the box ideas to overcome design challenges.

Ceaseless & Fast

Power of a big company, execution philosophy of a start-up, accelerated design, and delivery.

Let us help you with the complex FPGA and
Embedded Designs and Implementations!