Powerful Edge Computing with a Compact Design

DEEPCATCH Lite is a robust IIoT gateway that enables cloud-based computing and data processing.


The ability to track and analyze data in real-time is a standard requirement in today’s fast-paced world. DEEPCATCH Lite effectively mitigates infrastructure and physical space challenges. Instead of three separate devices (router, firewall, and network switch), there is now only one. DEEPCATCH Lite provides an immediate boost to the usability of your application with its edge intelligence capability.

The Future of Computing With IoT 4.0 Ready Platform


A DEEPCATCH Lite with outstanding features to help you:

A highly efficient computing device

Supports NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2 NX and Xavier NX

LTE modem compatible (optional added connectivity)

Linux OS with board support packages (BSP)

Supports AI deep-learning models.

Compact size with easy integration

Works seamlessly in field systems

Supports a wide range of industry IoT protocols

24/7 technical support

Key Features

Key Features

Highly Efficient Computing Device

Supports NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2 NX, and Xavier NX

LTE Modem Compatibility (Optional Added Connectivity)

Linux OS with Board Support Packages (BSP)

Supports AI Deep-Learning Models

Compact and Easily Integrable Design

Works Seamlessly in Field Systems

Supports a Wide Range of Industry IoT Protocols

24/7 Support Available

Empowering Excellence in Development

DEEPCATCH Lite boasts of distinctive attributes and compelling advantages to make implementation of your solutions seamless.

A plethora of IoT Protocols

Seamless Programming with LinuxOS

Monitoring, Analytics,
Remote Diagnostics -
Work From Anywhere

Powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ or NVIDIA® Xavier NX embedded Linux OS with board support package (BSP)

Supported Protocols

Leverage the capabilities of edge computing for enhanced efficiency