An Industrial Grade Smart USB Hub

A rugged 27 Port Hub with control and monitoring software, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, Apple Fast Charging and BC 1.2 charging, and much more.


Smart Hub is USB 3.0 Gen1 27 port device.

It helps you plug in hard drives or USB sticks, video cameras, and more, taking advantage of the high bandwidth of USB 3.0 Gen1. The voltage, current, and power of each port are monitored by software control. The hub can transfer data quickly along with Apple Fast Charging and BC 1.2 charging specifications. The hub weighs around 3.5 kg which allows it to be super compact and rugged. Our smart hub is designed to be used in all kinds of environments, be it 0°C or 85°C.

SM Hub Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Connect multiple devices. Achieve transfer rates up to 5 Gbps for external hard drives, flash drives, and video cameras to quickly transfer large files. Track connected devices with intuitive LED indicators.

Core Features of Smart USB Hub

Leverage 10 times faster data transfer speed than USB 2.0. Track current, voltage, and power of each port to provide charging status and port status.

Supports USB 3.0

SuperSpeed Data Transfer rates up to 5 Gbps

Backward Compatible

Hub is backward compatible with previous USB standards, useful for connecting older peripherals

Connect 27 USB Devices and Peripherals

Connect up to 27 USB devices and peripherals for charging and data transfer

Port Monitoring Status

Driver support for port status, port on/off, and individual port on/off control

Smooth Aluminium


The USB ports can be used to sync and charge simultaneously providing you with more than enough power to charge your mobile phone or tablet.

SM Hub 2
Smooth Aluminum Housing

Smooth Aluminum Housing

With the USB Hub sitting on a desk or table, you will notice it’s slender, unlike today’s hubs. This hub keeps things organized linearly so you can keep track of what’s plugged in. The housing is made of aluminum, which offers a great feel and helps to dissipate heat.

Benefits of Smart USB Hub

Self-Powered HUB

Robust Metal Enclosure

Over Voltage and Over Current Protection

Compliant with USB 3.1 Gen1 Specification

Supports Apple fast charging and BC 1.2 charging

Software control to turn on/off any port in the HUB separately

SM Hub 3

Monitoring real-time Current, Voltage, Power to each port of USB HUB

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