Laser Inspection Robot

Powerful Robotic System For Gun Barrel Inspection

AI-powered Robotic Inspection Solution for Guns, Torpedo & Rocket launcher tubes

The Laser Inspection Robot is a reliable and automated solution for inspecting the health of an armament barrel. The robot is designed to automatically crawl and inspect 76mm gun barrels, IRL, and submarine torpedo tubes.

The Robot is a modular system equipped with cutting-edge technology, incorporating an onboard camera and an advanced LASER system. Through its meticulous examination, it generates comprehensive analytical reports, providing you with an in-depth assessment of the barrel’s health and serviceability.


Fully Automated Operation

Automatically determine serviceability of barrel


Inspection data with micron-level precision.

AI-powered Inspection

Detect defects flawlessly, and automatically


Supports smooth and rifled barrels

Manual & Automatic Modes of Operation

Flexibility to suit your needs

Utility Benefits

The Laser Inspection Bot provides critical data to quantify the barrel health for data-driven decisions by giving objective data.

  • The system maintains the history of camera images, LASER Scan data, and analytical reports from inspections
  • Only one user can load, unload, and control the system
  • Perform inspections confidently with AI-driven scanning powering the camera and the LASER system
  • Users can choose between manual and automatic modes as per requirement and ease of use
  • The camera’s live stream lets users see, control, and adjust operations in real-time
  • The robot can run on AC and DC power with up to 24h of battery backup for operational flexibility.


Indigenously Designed, Developed & Manufactured in India

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